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Stay up-to-date on everything P & J Sheetmetal! This blog will be updated on a regular basis with the most recent tips and information.

principle of Sheet Metal Fabrication machine

Manufacturing Principles in Sheet Metal Fabrication

In the ever-evolving landscape of sheet metal fabrication, efficiency and precision stand as pillars for success. At P & J Sheetmetal Fabricators, we navigate the demands of the industry by embracing Lean Manufacturing principles. Join…

metal prototyping

Metal Prototyping: Transforming Concepts into Reality

At P & J Sheetmetal Fabricators in Hemmant, we understand the importance of metal prototyping in product development. The metal prototyping process allows us to turn new ideas into tangible designs that can be tested…

a photo of sheet metal design for cladding.

Elevating Architecture: Exploring Possibilities with Design Sheet Metal

Part of the design sheet metal tips uses top-notch materials. Materials are crucial in determining structures’ visual and structural characteristics in the ever-changing field of architecture. Sheet metal, a versatile and durable material, is becoming…

a person working on a machine for custom sheet metal.

Unleashing Creativity: Design Possibilities with Custom Sheet Metal

Custom sheet metal design ideas aren’t just a functional element but a canvas for creativity. So, as experts in custom sheet metal supply and fabrication, P & J Sheetmetal Fabricators is committed to making your…

metal beams and a cylindrical object while in a process of sheet metal fabrication.

Overcoming Sheet Metal Fabrication Challenges: Expert Insights by P & J Sheetmetal Fabricators

The challenges of sheet metal fabrication are necessary for a meticulous process and a deep understanding of materials and techniques. As specialists in custom sheet metal supply and fabrication, P & J Sheetmetal Fabricators have…

a person in a factory working in sheet metal fabrication.

Understanding Sheet Metal Gauges and Thicknesses: A Guide

Standard sheet metal gauges guide a blend of science, skill, and precision. One of the fundamental elements that significantly impact the outcome of a project is the gauge and thickness of the metal used. At…

A person using a cnc machine for CNC Laser Cutting

How CNC Machines Revolutionise Sheet Metal Fabrication with CNC Laser Cutting

The advent of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines has revolutionised sheet metal fabrication, especially in what is CNC laser cutting. The sophisticated CNC laser cutter machine has transformed manufacturing, increasing precision, efficiency, and versatility. Correspondingly,…

Operator is working with spot welding process. Two pieces of steel are melted together by electric heat. the production of ventilation and gutters. Tool and bending equipment for sheet metal.

TIG Welding vs. MIG Welding: Which is Right for Your Project?

When it comes to TIG and MIG welding metal fabrication, choosing the correct welding technique is vital for the success and durability of your project. Two commonly used methods are TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding…

Tig welding in a custom fabrication shop

Custom Fabrication: Choosing the Right Metal

When it comes to custom fabrication for metals, choosing a suitable material is critical to the success of your project. All metals are not created equal, and different metals have different properties that can impact…

Man coating paint on metal products with a spray gun

Powder Coating: The Key to Enhancing Your Metalwork Project

The benefits of powder coating make it a popular metalworking finishing process. It is a coating that is applied as a dry powder and then heated to cure so that it bonds to the metal….

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